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Obama Remembers Pearl Harbor By Promoting Picture of Himself

SageAdvice68 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 4:11 PM
Before this next four years has passed, there will be color murals across the sides of large buildings in every city in the USA bearing Obutthole's face. There will be huge stone statues of Obutthole in downtown plazas and parks of several of the largest cities in America.... The perfect pose I see for all of these..... Barack Obutthole high stepping in a pair of "high waters" carrying a watermelon under each arm, while Uncle Sam aims a double barrel shotgun filled with rock salt at his backside. Title them all...."Our First Black President". It would be so very representative of what this thief has done to the USA, don'tcha think?

Just this week President Obama celebrated Rosa Parks by publishing a photo of himself on a bus and now the White House can't even commemorate Pearl Harbor without bringing Obama's face into the picture. From the White House Twitter feed:


Because it's all about him.