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Biden Interrupted Ryan 82 Times During VP Debate

SageAdvice68 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 9:33 AM
What we all clearly witnessed last evening was classic Joe "B!teme" Biden doing exactly what he was hired to do..... "If you can't possibly dazzle them with the brilliance of what we have failed to accomplish over the past four years Joe, then be sure you go out there and yell loud enough and interrupt enough you are able to baffle them with lots of Bull Sh!t!!".....Barack Obutthole And, America witnessed, 82 separate cow patties being dropped by B!teme. Perhaps if we let them cure for a few days in the hot sun what Joe excreted will make some good frizzbies. LOL!!

Last night Vice President Joe Biden gave us a perfect example of why the majority of Americans would rather watch American Idol than listen to a political debate. Biden interupted debate competition Paul Ryan a whopping 82 times according to the RNC's Joe Pounder.

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