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Video: BHO's Gotta Go!

SageAdvice31 Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 9:05 PM
The really interesting thing to have taken place over the past four years.... Barack Obuthole, the butthole has become so synonymous with Democrapheads, any time, anyone even has a passing thought about the Democraphead Party and the folks who make up this political party filled with perverts, the image they'll picture forever will be that of Barack Obutthole. The Democraphead who transcends all other Democrapheads on earth.. The greatest Democraphead to have ever lived, or will ever live.

Emmy Award-winning Creative Director Ryan Bomberger may give One Direction a run for their money with his new anti-Obama jingle “Get Out.” Okay, that’s probably a stretch- but it’ll surely top the charts for conservative political wonks out there.  

About from Ryan...