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Team Obama Defense of Bain Attacks Getting Pretty Pathetic

SageAdvice31 Wrote: May 22, 2012 2:54 PM
Louisey, Your list will play well to Obutthole's base there is absolutely no doubt in my mind...... I'm simply not sure there are sufficient numbers of nation destroying neo-communist pudsucking perverted DemoCrapheaded un-American POS to get Obutthole across the finish line in 2012. ROTFLMBO!!

If you can't defend an attack with factual information and without hypocrisy, making the attack in the first place probably isn't the best idea. Team Obama's ongoing attack on Mitt Romney's connection to Bain Capital, Bain Capital and private equity in general, really isn't working.

As Cooper mentioned in the clip above, Obama recently held a series of fundraisers with heads of private equity firms. Also, let's go back to 2008 when President Obama raised significantly more money from Wall...