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Thanks carol for your kind words, but as you can see from the witless response excreted by this Crapheaded pervert Zimmerman, the question are far too tough for these un-American POS.
Yo Zimmerman the Crapheaded kid killer, report into the DNC immediately, drop your pants and bend over like a breech loading bird gun.....Now request your "White Massers" give you a wit sharpening fill up...... Or, might you be one of these Crapheaded perverts who prefer to take your fill ups, orally? LOL!!
Let us be serious for just a minute folks. Let me give you seven sentences, and you tell me which political party in America is the first to jump to your mind as you review each: 1. "Death Panels" and baby slaughtering. 2. Voting Fraud 3. The segregationist party 4. ACORN-OWS-SEIU-Teamsters. 5. The communist party of America. 6. The KKK, NAMBLA, NARAL, ACLU, SPLC, New Black Panthers. 7. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers...
How many of you remember back in 1980 how the pride in being an American had sank to a level close to what it is today. That November Americans wised up and tossed the incompetent Jimah Carter out on his ear..... We replaced the Crapheaded scum with the great Ronald Reagan. Then folks like Lee Greenwood began making popular, songs like, "God Bless the USA." Once again folks started to feel pride in being an American. 2012 is clearly a repeat of 1980, only worse. The Crapheads under the Obutthole regime have successfully managed to once again destroy pride in being an American. This economy is worse than the one Jimah Carter drove us into. And, God has all but been driven from our shores by these libturds.
Did I say, Hugo Chavez's blueprint for taking over a country? Obutthole is following it to the letter folks. Are you sh!?ting me? The Muslim Brotherhood in our White House?
Anyone who believes Obutthole and his regime will have even a moments moral dilemma over laying waste to this whole nation before they will surrender the crown is living in a dream land. Cinch your seat belts folks.....You are in for a ride this nation has never before encountered.
Rodney, you can see how much less concern we might have about your scenario, if we managed to stop the DemoCrapheaded Party, the party of segregationist, from convincing whole groups of Americans they are in fact hyphenated-Americans, or some percentage-American more or less than other groups of Americans. IOW stop the Crapheads from denoting Americans with ebony colored skin as, black-Americans, or African-Americans. Stop these same nation destroying libturds from singling Americans with brownish colored skin as, hispanic-Americans, or Mexican-Americans. and on, and on, and on goes the Crapheads segregating machine.
Shoot when I played football, the coach did not allow weight training. He thought it was too dangerous and likely to cause permanent injury. So, my best training camp was the summers I spent digging ditches (literally acting like a human backhoe) plus hauling hay. I found that being able to windmill a bale in each arm up five rows high was a pretty good exercise. And, when you ran instead of walked between bales, you made more money, although it tended to make the guys doing the stacking cry. :-)
There are few things more amusing than to take note of this gaggle of neo-communist pud sucking perverted Crapheaded un-American POS below taking turns at seeing who can hit their knees the fastest.'re close, but I still believe the PatheticLibturd has you bested. And little Jimmy, you will get no suckling action this day, so get on up off your knees.
Anyone wondering how dictators like Hugo Chavez came to power, need only watch Obutthole following Chaves's blueprint on how to first destroy, then take over..... You start by calling what you're doing, "implementing fundamental CHANGE." IOW: Wipe your stinky butt with the parchment on which the Constitution was penned, while at the same time causing the economy to collapse by using every regulatory power in your Executive Branch bag of tricks. Folks, we are living in the end days, and I am not talking about Dec. 12th, 2012. I'm pointing to the days in which the DemoCraphead Party has finally managed to destroy Lady Liberty. Perhaps destroy is too strong....How about,CHANGE her into one giant public teet!
I do hope your use of the term, "libturd friends" was a very loose reference. For just as soon as I learn someone I am acquainted with is a self admitted nation destroying un-American POS, I typically end any possibility of a, "friendship" by extending to these neo-communist pud sucking perverts my middle finger as a goodbye gesture. :-).
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