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Thanks guys, but I have rebooted the computer and restarted Townhall twice in an attempt to determine if this is my problem or something happening on TH? I haven't done the FireFox download to this computer. The wifeymate has on hers so I may move over and try her computer to see if it is working on hers. I hate computer problems! And, I used to be an engineer. :-)
Please allow me to digress for a moment: What am I doing wrong? Is it my computer? Every time I attempt to click on one of the dropdowns to expand the responses, it takes me all the way back to the top of the article and refuses to drop down?
Make no mistake Dave.....Obuttholes "screwups" are a direction reflection of them. For Obutthole is nothing more than a dancing chicken. And, the flame under the stage on which he dances, is 100% controlled by them. IOW, when you are looking at Obutthole, you are looking directly at the nation destroying Democraphead Party of America.
And John, I'm not sure if my above is anywhere close to the point you was making, since at times your offerings are just a bit too esoteric for me to keep up with. :)
I don't care how much money you pour into trying to educate Obutthole, the bottom line, he will never, he can never, be taught what it means to be a real American. To ever view America and her citizens as, "The UNITED States". To love America as built the way Ronald Reagan, and G.W. Bush did/do. For Obutthole has zero clue as to what is required to be a real American conservative. He is a nation destroying libturd, neo-communist progressive, DemoCrapheaded Ayers/Alinsky/Chavez worshiping, un-American POS. And, always will be.
My daughter just discovered a lump on one of her breasts three days ago. She got in to see the doctor yesterday. He wants a mammogram just to be sure. It's scheduled for Monday. It's all being taken care of in just a matter of days. I began to wonder.....When the ObozoCare "Death Panels" are implemented, how many weeks, or possibly even months will be required for them to make a decision on where, when, or even, IF my daughter can get this lump on her breast examined? Have any of y'all set in the waiting room of the Social Security Office? Man, you can kill over dead waiting to see a federal employee. These Crapheaded POS have Uncle Sam broke over like a breech loading bird gun, and they poor mouth Republicans? LOL!!
That is a pretty good way to descibe it. I have always recognized Obutthole to be absolutely nothing more than a "Dancing Chicken," of which the "White Massas" who control the DemoCraphead Party of America has control of the flame.
Enjoy your messiah's fudge sickle pervert.
I see a good many beating up on the citizens of Massachusetts by offering a giant generalization below..... I pretty well agree with George421. But, I also keep in mind what the above article mentioned about the revised song being pulled due to complaints from Massachusetts PARENTS! No doubt the majority of them are libturd crapheads, same as the vast majority of ebony colored Americans, but they are not all scum sucking un-American POS. Just like all of us Texans aren't real American conservatives.....Just the vast majority of us are. :-)
Thanks carol for your kind words, but as you can see from the witless response excreted by this Crapheaded pervert Zimmerman, the question are far too tough for these un-American POS.
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