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Go blow it out your butt, ya friggin skinhead.
"...take this moment and recognize that fellow Americans are in its path.." Ann Romney “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.” Some ABC New left winged Pinko. ---------------------------------------------- These two statements tell us real Americans all any of us need to know about who are the real "racist" POS in America. I'm only surprised the ABC pudsucker was so politically incorrect as to have used the term, "black people" when we all know his "White Massas" who run the DNC, demand these un-American pudsucking perverted lemmings all use the politically correct term....."African-American." This will likely get his, "Craphead Pinko In Good Standing" lapel pin taken away.
magnetar, your very offering here demonstrates that you are a real American, regardless of where you were born. Something no Democraphead, regardless of where they were born can declare. IOW all Democrapheads, are some percentage less American than you and I are, because all of them proudly don the hyphens their "White Massas" at the DNC issued them.
What was it Christie said last night, this election will be between a Republican and a Democraphead? Well, I go a good bit farther by pointing out..... This election is 100% between a real American versus a hyphenated-American. Any of you pudsucking perverts who plan on voting for the 50%-AmeriFrican interloper, I truly would be interested in trying to understand what causes you to hate America, and all things American to such a degree as your vote demonstrates?
These un-American left winged pinko, pudsucking perverted Democrapheaded libturd POS like Williams go poor mouthing Ann Romney, While these same perverts hold this Rent-A-Wife posing as Barack Obutthole's wife, Michelle Obutthole. Claiming she is worthy of some kind of high praise? Anyone remember that $400,000 a year "Place Card" job she held back in Chicago has never been filled since she left it?
Yo aintnothing, how about you reveal to all of us real Americans here on TH, just what kind of hyphenated-American you are? We can already see you are filled with hate and envy by the Craphead "Segregationist" Party for rich-Americans. What other types of hyphens do you don? Moron!
I like and admire Juan Williams. He's generally a class act and one of the more intellectually honest commentators the Left has to offer. ----------------------- All I can say to you Guy, your bar is set way too low. This buttmunch Juan Williams has been so bad for, seems like the last two years or so on FNC, I flat will change the channel, or just flat get up and leave the room when he is on one of the FOX News Programs. I can almost tolerate, or I might say ignore the little fat marshmallow boy Bob Beckel when he's on "The Five" because of how much I enjoy the FOUR, but I won't when Williams is holding the libturd slot. Hell I might throw something through my damn TV screen and ruin a perfectly good TV.
That's a good'un gatorbait.....I have long been pointing out how the teleprompter boy is nothing more than a "Dancing Chicken" for the "White Massas" who in fact run the DNC, and control the flame under that stage Obutthole dances on.
Not impressed by Chris Christie, but nothing new for me, I never have been impressed by the loudmouth who is eating himself into an early grave. After what I said about him yesterday, I must at least be willing to compliment Artur Davis for delivering one moving speech. I can see why the Crapheads were so hurt by his leaving....He is an even more articulate man of color than their own messiah. Of course it can't really be argued, Ann Romney delivered the knock out speech of all knock out speeches....Completely out of the convention hall. Great job Mrs. Romney. Juan "asswipe" Williams I see placed his typical low life Democraphead bias on full display following Ann Romney's speech.....FNC has nobody but themselves to blame for this.
Well, given MSLSD's ten viewer audience, the GOP likely didn't suffer much in the lost votes department...... Besides, anyone so perverted as to even tune into MSLSD (I actually have it locked out using the S-Chip lock out on my TV) is far to un-American to ever vote for Mitt Romney anyway.
Ann, you final statement goes a long way toward describing MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN et al. I started to flip over to one during like Artur Davis' speech or Mia Long's speech to see what they were doing. I will in the next night or two for sure. :-)
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