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“We don’t think this is mostly about fraud—we think it’s a lack of clarity of understanding what eligibility is,” Jane Oates, Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Administration at the Department of Labor, told the Times -------------- Classic Craphead Weasel Wording...Thanks for this one John Ransom Nation destroying Libturdism at it's very pinnacle.
UseYourHead2013 Wrote: 1 hour ago (8:51 AM) You sound like a liberal with your jealousy. I am the unquestioned intellectual supreme being on this website. Buck O - is your conservatardism a choice or were you born this way? ------------------------ Just as I had mentioned only one posting earlier.....Nation hating, and destroying Libturdism is a friggin mental disease. This, HeadUpMyButt clown, along with Maher serve as a living testimony to this fact.
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Wednesday Night Grand Slam

SageAdvice12 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 9:48 AM
As is all of your offerins D.G......Spot on!! :-)
My day will be made, come Nov. 7th when I wake up to...."Mitt Romney wins in a landslide!"
Someone was on here yesterday....Sorry I forget now who it was.....They laid out a medical explanation of how Liberalism is in fact a mental disorder. Hell, all you have to do is take one look at Maher to know it is the truth.
This is due to the definition being: Democratic "Segregationist" Party member = One majorly un-American POS.
When one of these nation destroying, un-American Democraphead left winged pinkos like Maher or Mathews calls you a "racist", simply keep this in mind..... Wouldn't you much rather have one of these perverted Crapheads calling you a racist, than in three or four years hear your children, and grandchildren refer to you as a member of that "pathetic excuse for Americans" generation, as they wake up to the fact our generation hasn't left them much of an America, if any. Always keep in mind: Liberals work to destroy, I mean "fundamentally CHANGE" America, while conservatives struggle to preserve America as designed.
You must be old fashion UltraMan, because this old Texas boy could understand every word she offered. :-)
I suspected that Drifter.....No problem at all. :-)
Does she mean those very same Jim Crow laws which were 100% passed and enforced by the Democraphead "Segregationist" Party of America? I do believe she was. Put in place and enforced by the Democraphead "Segregationist" Party of America, the political home of the KKK. The same political party Martin Luther King Jr. never became a member of.....That same Democraphead "Segregationist" Party of America who sent that Klansman James Earl Ray to kill Martin Luther King Jr. We know Ms. Rice did not, but many Americans of color began to praise the Democraphead "Segregationist" Party of America about that same time.....I can only assume as a reward to the "Segregationist" Party, for having killed Martin Luther King Jr.?
I wasn't sure when she first started speaking.....Fearful that Mrs. Martinez was likely a squishy RINO.....But, as she got into her speech, I really didn't care. This lady was speaking pure American to the bone!! Now the TH libturd TROLLS won't have a clue as to what I just said, but seriously, do any of you real Americans on TH really give a sh!t what these TROLLS have to excrete? I know I damn sure don't.
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