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Allfuzzy between the ears.....Government controlled education centers in the USA today are recognized as left winged indoctrination centers.
Actually there are some fools who might vote for Barack Obutthole, but the vast left wing majority of Obutthole supporters are un-American neo-communist pudsucking perverted, sh!t for brains Democrapheads..
Not surprisingly, Obama is preparing to solve a problem that doesn’t exist with excessive federal intervention that we don’t need. We will wind up with fewer math and science graduates, and Obama will get one more misleading talking point to use on the campaign trail. ----------------- I don't know that I have ever read a more precise description of the Barack Obutthole regime, in so few words. One more brick falls out of America's foundation. Deconstructing America one brick at a time is the Democraphead Party's goal.
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The Tingle's Gone, Baby

SageAdvice10 Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 12:17 PM
Oh man, you generally tell a story John that leaves us all a little bit of wiggle room to comment on, but this one...I simply can't find it. IOW In this one you have buried your boot so far up Obutthole and all of his Crapheaded minions collective butt, there simply is nothing remaining to be said. :-)
I suspect this screen name you hide behind is on a plane with the idiot who calls himself GaryPatriotic, or Patriotic Libturd, but for the sake of argument, the biggest problem I see in the excretion you exhaust out your sphincter covered communication port above is in believing that real Americans need to be civil in the way we deal with these nation destroying neo-communist Crapheaded libturd POS. I personally feel no need to do any such thing. Guess I am just too damn American to believe otherwise.
Hate is a mighty strong word, typically reserved to folks who are easily stampeded by their emotions like you neo-communist Democrapheaded minions.
This was what allotafuzz was thinkinghe wishes he could do. I swear this would improveif he would learn to first take his messiah's chocolate colored man meat out of his mouth prior to pounding on his QWERTY.
Is that you in the video down on your knees in front of Obutthole willieboy?
"new age constitution" to a libturd = The remains of the parchment the original US Constitution was penned on following them suffering a bad case of the "trots".
Oh, this must be pinkoFrank? What happened to, NormalFrank?
In all seriousness, any time I see one of these TH board TROLLS or say old Gov. Moonbeam#2 Malloy here launch something like this out their sphincter covered communication port, I also must wonder..... Did their "White Massas" at the DNC breech load them up the old keester with this stench, or might they be one of those Craphead minions who prefer to receive their learnin orally?
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