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The fact you recognize it requires all who refuse to vote for Democrapheads to be, "good American citizens" says it all. :-) For I learned many years ago, All Democrapheads SUCK Bg_Dks!
I am truly sorry for your loss eleanor....But, I agree, Jim needs to stop voting...NOW!
Sorry, I meant to say, attempted to pull back in Florida in 2000, when the USSC had to kick the commie bastridges in the teeth for trying to steal the Presidential election back then.
Answer: Of course it was.....The first political party that always pops to mind any time such a phrase is offered is the un-American party of segregationist POS.... The Democraphead Party of America.
Here is my test I offer every time the topic comes up..... You are having a discussion with friends or neighbors and somehow the topic of.... VOTING FRAUD pops up.... Now which political party in the USA is the first to pop into your head when you hear the terms Voting Fraud, Election theft, Election rigging etc. etc.?
Same damn stuff these un-American Crapheaded POS attempted to pull back in 2000. Just remember folks....All friggin un-American, pudsucking perverted sh!t for brains Democrapheaded libturds....SUCK Bg_Dks!
Reckonn how long it will be, before we begin to hear about a world wide epidemic of rapes being committed by sexually frustrated chinamen?
At the same point into Reagan's first term? BS....You need to find out if you pusherman is selling you some really bad dope.
alex, you must not be paying very close attention.....Because this 50%-AmeriFrican interloper has been following the Hugo Chavez method of taking over a once free nation almost via Executive fiat, step by step. If Obutthole wins re-election in November we might as well change the acronym from the USA to the USSRA.
Allfuzzy between the ears.....Government controlled education centers in the USA today are recognized as left winged indoctrination centers.
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