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The same thing has happened in Lakewood, CO about 4 months ago. A male couple married in MA shopped this bakery out and got denied the artwork for a celebratory wedding cake. They were shopped because a lesbian couple had also been denied the Christian owner's labor, being a conscientious objector. This does plenty to advance the current trend of defecating upon the real intent of an inspired constitution. Religious liberties impelled the Puritans to come at tremendous personal expense. What the hay is wrong with thinking Oregonians taking up sides on this; in a simple gesture like patronizing the suffering bakery? Where is the Chick Fill-A moment here?
The producers quickly recognized that journalistic fecal matter may cause their card house to fall precipitously, and placed Larry back on the screen. Leftists of a feather without a stitch of ethical karma in common.
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Chick-Fil-A Breaks World Sales Record

safari man Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 3:20 PM
Message to all those activists railing against Chik-Fil-A: Eat more crow!
It is an issue unworthy of note. A bastion of folk with their conscience intact will forever defend the good and right way. There is nothing of a civil status for sexual disorientation. Rights apply to folk under our constitution based upon race, gender, religious affiliation and national origin. Sensual orientation is none of these and never will be. The scouts are a pillar of society as can be noted below in other posts. This administration is scofflaw with regard to order and abiding of laws, natural and otherwise. No surprise need be feigned by this readership, and Mr O', don't let the door whack you on your way out.
Just love how the lame-stream media are all over how the Romneys should be spending their money. The current administration has the chops and savvy on how to spend my money. And I may never get to fly to Spain.
Get a floatation device, FatTax; the deep end is for those who know how to swim.
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