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As soon as these people cross the border from Guatemala into Mexico they are no longer in danger of violence from their home countries of Honduras, El Salvador, etc. At that point they are not running from violence, they are running to a country whose president won't send them back.
Impeaching Obama would feel good, but it is politically stupid. Recall the impeachment effort against Clinton - it played into the hands of the Democrats. So would an impeachment effort against Obama. The Democrats would dearly love the Republicans to impeach Obama. It would backfire bigtime. No, let's let Obama continue to fail. Yes, two more years of Obama will hurt this country. But come 2016, the Republicans could win the presidency, the Senate and the House. That's the moment when things will begin to turn around. Until then, let the Dems stew in Obama's stinking juices.
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The Paranoids are Back

sablebrush5 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 5:58 PM
Mr. Greenberg does not address the principal objection to Common Core - it represents the federal takeover of what is taught and what is not taught in schools. Is it wise to change our education system so that federal bureaucrats make these decisions or is it a better path to allow each local community to make those decisions? Where is the evidence that the federal takeover of anything results in improvement? The problem in education is not lack of federal guidance from D.C. The problem is that school boards and school "experts" have control of the tax money dedicated for education. Instead, we should put the parents in control of where the money goes by instituting a voucher system in which each parent decides where their child will go to school and the voucher goes to that school. This introduces competiton into the system. As long as schools are monopolies they will continue to stagnate. With competition, they will change and change fast for the better.
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Do You Hate the President?

sablebrush5 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 1:53 AM
Hate him? Of course not. He's intelligent, likable, has a good sense of humor, extremely well-educated, a great father, husband and family man, good-looking and charming... and he's our worst president since WWII. It's as though a sophomore poli-sci major at U.C. Berkeley all of the sudden became the president. His one great accomplishment is he is driving a stake through the heart of big-government liberalism. After eight years of Obama-ism, health-care programs put together by "experts" and bureaucrats, $800 billion dollar stimulus programs put together by "experts" and bureaucrats, piles upon piles of regulations put together by "experts" and bureaucrats has gotten us what? A huge mess. A mess so enormous and damaging that the American people will be dying to get rid of it. A mess so stark and obvious, even the the apparent inevitability of a Hillary presidency which will be seen as Obama-ism "lite" will fail miserably and we will be rid of Obama-ism, Hillary-ism and, at last, Bubba-ism.
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Pope Francis Threatens Hell -- Hooray!

sablebrush5 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 12:45 AM
Is it possible that the Imams and higher-ups in Islam don't specifically condemn terrorist organizations for their killing of "innocent" people because those innocent people are not really innocent? That is, they are outside the faith of Islam and, as such, they are infidels. Mohammed himself condemns all infidels who consciously choose not to convert to Islam as "enemies" of Islam. Therefore the terrorists are doing Allah's work - they are getting rid of the enemies of Islam.
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Muslims Need to Confront Muslim Evil

sablebrush5 Wrote: Sep 24, 2013 9:14 PM
Prager's last sentence is the key: ... "perhaps not that many Muslim religious leaders do believe that Muslim terrorists are going to hell." Unfortunately, most Muslims understand that what the terrorists are doing - killing infidels - is something Mohammed himself calls for in Islamic writings. It is made very clear that it is the duty of all Muslims to convert infidels to Islam. If they refuse, they must pay a special tax. If they refuse to pay the special tax, they must be executed. Terrorism is simply a radical form of obeying Mohammed's wishes by skipping the proselytising and the tax and going right to the execution. To a Muslim, killing infidels is perhaps wrong, but understandable.
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