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Romney Targets Hispanics With Obama's Failed Policies

SabbieGirl Wrote: Jun 05, 2012 12:53 PM
Romney deberia recorder a los Latinos que la immensa mayoria de nuestros Padres vinieron a este Pais escapando de Gobiernos similares al que Obama quiere imponernos. Nosotros no venimos a America para vivir controlados por el Estado: nuestros Padres vinieron a este Pais de Libertad escapando de ese horror. Romney should remind Latinos that the immense majority of our ancestors came to America escaping from Governments similar to the type of Government Obama wishes to impose on us. WE did not come to America to live under Big Government and/or controlled by the State: our Parents escaped from that horror. Also, WE (Latinos) do not wish to end up addicted to welfare while the Democrats use our votes.

Fresh off of Obama's top campaign man David Axelrod saying Florida Senator Marco Rubio would be an embarrassment to the Hispanic community should he be chosen as Mitt Romney's vice president, Team Romney is targeting the Hispanic community by pointing our President Obama's failures. The ad was developed as a counter to misleading ads Obama is running in Spanish.

First, Axelrod's comment: