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Part I I am a Doctor. I do not kill individuals. I am a Pediatrician. Unlike most of my colleagues I have had the opportunity of deepening my knowledge on what is known as Developmental Biology: I have two Doctorates on that subject (one from Europe and one from the USA). This is the scientific field which studies the start of Life and the complex process that follows: the process of development. Personhood is a Philosophical/Theological and Legal term. As a scientist I can’t demonstrate Personhood in a laboratory. All I can do is to prove that this ‘organism’ is an Individual of the Human Species (or whatever species you choose)...
Have you EVER heard a Republican defend or correct the record about President George Bush? Did you EVER see a single Republican defend George Bush against the BRUTAL and false attacks from Democrats? Did the GOP stand up and counter the Media? The answer is NO IN ALL COUNTS. So...What do YOU expect of a Narrative that goes unchallenged??? People believe the Media was and is right. Question: What was the role of the Democrat Supermajority which started in 2006? That aspect of the Failed Policies is never touched...yet it is apparent to me that one can't put the BLAME on Bush when the ones creating the Legislation were the DEMOCRATS.
America is restless…Obama's 'jobless-recovery' is taking too long, but he is not listening. Wisconsin was a warning shot: WE HAD IT WITH CLASS WARFARE AND BIG GOVERNMENT. DO SOMETHING...or get out. The President came to my State (OHIO) TODAY (he was booed last two times he was here). He gave a speech… The caption below summarizes the speech and the People’s reaction. http://picpaste.com/Manonfire-gVutu1ba.jpg The Policies of the last Decade….Really…??
Celebrity he is... ...A FAILED PRESIDENT TOO.
Baby... We thank President George W Bush and Vice-President Cheney for the policies that allowed us to get the Intel (the same policies Candidate Obama opposed)! We thank the US Intel community for getting the data together!! We thank the Seals for 'erasing' UBL!!! We thank President Obama for not having stopped the operation... and for HIS NERVES of steel as he watched from a very safe place how the thing went down. (Alah, lease never let us hear the audio of that night, Heavens forbid he was screaming like a girl!)
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DWS Struggles to Spin Wisconsin Loss

SabbieGirl Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 3:22 PM
He won because his ideas are better and because a greater majority on his State agrees with the direction he wanted to take ... Plain and simple: Republicans/Tea Party/ The People ....1 Democrats/Big Government/Union bosses....zero!
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The Recall Heard Around the World

SabbieGirl Wrote: Jun 07, 2012 6:21 AM
The biggest news this election cycle http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/4989/beebeep.jpg
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Video: Scott Walker Declares Victory

SabbieGirl Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 8:11 PM
all I have to say.... http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/4989/beebeep.jpg
Eso es lo que nosotros los Latinos (decentes) queremos tambien. That's what WE (decent) Latinos want too. En Mejico te echan a la carcel y te deportan si eres un inmigrate ilegal. In Mexico they put you in jail & they deport you if you are an illegal allien. En los demas paises Latinos los Gobiernos demandan que uno respete las Leyes de Migracion. In Latin Countries the Governments demand that we respect their Immigration Laws. Aqui los Democratas quieren comprar nuestro voto a costa de la Soberania. Here the Democrats want to purchase our vote at the expense of the US Sovereignty. Eso no va a funcionar, pues nosotros Amamos a los Estados Unidos y todas sus leyes. That' s not going to work because we love America and ALL her Laws.
Romney deberia recorder a los Latinos que la immensa mayoria de nuestros Padres vinieron a este Pais escapando de Gobiernos similares al que Obama quiere imponernos. Nosotros no venimos a America para vivir controlados por el Estado: nuestros Padres vinieron a este Pais de Libertad escapando de ese horror. Romney should remind Latinos that the immense majority of our ancestors came to America escaping from Governments similar to the type of Government Obama wishes to impose on us. WE did not come to America to live under Big Government and/or controlled by the State: our Parents escaped from that horror. Also, WE (Latinos) do not wish to end up addicted to welfare while the Democrats use our votes.
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