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saawshank Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 11:39 PM
Our on going liberal-socialist social engineering project in the middle east of bringing democracy there is financed solely through US debt securities sold to China, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Russia to name a few. Remember, the USA had its precious Bush tax cut shortly after the war in Iraq started EIGHT years ago. Why, oh why, didn't we just hand over Afghanistan to the Northern Alliance after they helped us to defeat the Taliban, like nine freaking years ago? The Republican party's lasting accomplishment has been to take us from surpluses, like forever, to deficits forever. Didn't Clinton essentially have a balanced budget?
The best response to all that's strange, mysterious or just surprising may be a smile. But the news of late has reduced me to the one-word question and expletive favored by "Mad Men's" Don Draper whenever he's confronted by anything that doesn't make sense:


Take the sheer number of fabrications Barack Obama managed to pack into one response to a simple question on CBS' "60 Minutes." To swallow them all would require a boxcar of salt. And the whole enchilada came packaged in our president's usual condescending style -- as if he were still addressing a class of...