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Crony Capitalism Gone Wild: Duke Energy CEO Backs President Obama

saawshank Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 11:51 AM
Social Security holds $2.7 trillion of government securities, sold to them in good faith that the money would be available to pay Social Security benefits. Is the federal government going to default on these securities? Do members of Congress think that us old, little people are so stupid that we don't realize we are being taken? "Shared sacrifice" is a LIE. I still see CEOs making outrageous salaries and bonuses, and they are the ones, with their opaque "derivatives" which brought the economy to the brink of disaster. I still see corporations and the wealthy spending obscene amounts of money lobbying to undermine democracy in the USA, turning the USA into a plutocracy.

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers sets a new standard for crony capitalism. While the vast majority of crony capitalists are pragmatic businessmen who pursue a partnership with President Obama for purely financial reasons, Rogers is a different breed.

Most CEOs are political agnostics and see cronyism as a shortcut to bypass the competitive free enterprise system to a pot of gold. These business executives walk a political tight rope, trying to balance the benefits of political favors against the risk of drawing media scrutiny and controversy of looting the public treasury.

For Jim Rogers, passion for progressive politics appears as...