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Are Polls Showing How You’ll Vote? Or How You Think Others Will?

saawshank Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 11:19 PM
Neo-Cons are not conservatives at all, but a mixed group of idealists, former Trotskyists, social engineers and beneficent imperialists, with no particular attachment to tradition, who wished to remake the world in America's image. Their project had a kind of blind virtue to it, and loads of faith. Neo-cons believed in 2003 (and still do), that the Arab world, given a chance, would embrace liberal democracy. It would work in Iraq, and then, by force of example, it would catch on, like a happy contagion, throughout the region. They are establishment Republicans!!!!

One of the things which makes the media’s bias in favor of President Obama so influential is the natural human tendency to want to belong, and the fear being out of the mainstream.

As a professor, I cannot count the number of classes in which students were reluctant to ask a question for fear that everyone else already knew the answer. And yet when some “brave soul” actually asks, at least half the class heaves an audible sigh of relief – they all have the same question.

The “grownups” behave this way as well. A few years ago,...