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O'Really could do his audience - and the nation - a favor by keeping both the extreme left-wing-nuts and right-wing-nuts off his show, and instead engage relatively sane people in a reasonable discussion. We don't need to listen to a whackjob to know he / she is a whackjob, and it only gives them an opportunity to spout their bile and validate themselves further. Mr. Bill thinks he's being "fair and balanced", but he's simply allowing himself to be used like the tool that he is.
Just like his handler O'Reilly.
Bill O'Reilly is a fool, as he awards precious air-time and national exposure to people destructive to this country. C'mon Bill, don't stop with Lamont - let's get the KKK Grand Dragon on tomorrow night, and the Aryan Nations leader on the next, and the head NAMBLA pervert on the get my drift. Exposure = legitimization of their viewpoints. Thinks he's being fair and balanced by giving airtime to the unbalanced. Tool.
And frankly, Bill O'Reilly is a fool for giving Lamont air-time to spout his deranged liberalism. Bill isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.
No, what Lamont did what look for some kind of social justification, instead of simply condemning Dorner for his murderous acts. The left always tries to blow smoke when there's no reason for the obfuscation. Lamont should have clearly and concisely condemned Dorner and anyone who viewed him him as a hero. Instead, he cropped all over himself, like he always does. BTW, do a Google search on Mark Lamont Hill, but don't click on his website's link. You'll soon see why, and it's perfectly fitting.
Robert, isn't it time for your nap? You'e getting cranky again.
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Joe Soptic? Meet the Obama Bus

SA16 Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 11:54 AM
Thanks, Pat68. So that means I'm allowed to think he's a liar and a fool, too? (Joe, I hope your medical insurance will cover getting run over by Obama's fancy tour bus!)
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Obama's Popularity With Young Voters

SA16 Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 11:42 AM
Get over it, Bill1. The adults in this country recognized Ron Paul's ideological eccentricities for what they were, so here we are now. I do agree with Eleanor32 above - Dr. Paul as Secretary of the Treasury would be the best use of his skills and experience, and I would love to see him on the ticket in some capacity.
Uber Dave, you're just wasting your breath feeding the trolls here like 50Shades, ban1111, aura, and the rest. You can't reason with insanity. (But nice try! 8^)
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Dear Graduates: You’re Screwed!

SA16 Wrote: May 27, 2012 10:20 AM
Basset Hound, keep the faith. Just had a nephew graduate from UNT with a degree in broadcast journalism (or something like that). Did some intern work with Telemundo (he minored in Spanish) while in school, then accepted the position (news production, control booth types of activities) they offered him right after graduation. Moral of this story - make sure your daughter seeks a career where specific technical skills are required. The sciences are nice, for sure, but steer her away from any "mushy" career paths like philosophy, sociology, history, etc. and your chances of being that "empty nester" increase substantially.
Nice try, bobyoung, but your claim of being a conservative rings hollow. As we've seen many times before, elected representatives do NOT always vote the way their constituents want them to, and that's why so many have - and will continue to be - thrown out of office. Votes have meaning, even on bills not making it through both houses. We're watching, and keeping score. Thanks, Tad, for providing the scorecard.
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