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MSNBC will soon be joining the defunct radio program Air America in the trashbin of failed far-left liberal media outlets. No decent, self-respecting person wants to hear the garbage they spew. Good riddance!
The racial arsonists like Al Sharpton (remember Freddie's Fashion Mart in Brooklyn?) are in full damage control again as they try to shirk responsibility for their inflammatory rhetoric. Utterly contemptible and disgusting filth posing as human beings.
And those of us in fly-over country - who respect Hollywood's holier-than-thou, mega-rich liberals about as much as we respect Congress - watch in amazement and disgust at this parasitic "progressive" love-fest... If anyone wonders why Hollywood profits are down and moviegoers are shunning theaters, look no farther. It's as much rejection of what they produce as it is not wanting to further line the pockets of our ideological enemies.
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The Obama Riots Begin

SA16 Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 10:35 AM
The liberal political ruling class has failed the Black Man. Their Svengali-like hold over them ensures their continued rule over this hypnotized voting bloc. The Black Man has failed himself. Repeatedly given golden opportunities for advancement that exist no where else in the world - and that trillions in tax dollars and social experiments have paid for - too many of them choose instead to shirk their individual responsibilities and are content with their EBT card, an Obama phone, and the luxury of blaming everyone else for their lack of progress. America hasn't failed the Black Man. We're just waiting for them to wake up, get rid of the plantation owners who subjugate them and the racial arsonists who play them, and join the rest of the adult, civilized world in accepting their individual responsibilities and getting on with life.
America has always run at full-speed, embracing competition in business, sports, and personal self-identity. Immigrants from abroad weren't satisfied with the status quo - that's why they came here, to compete, to better themselves. We choose to swim with the sharks - we ARE the sharks! - because that's how innovation, wealth creation, and higher standards of living are achieved. American professional sports reflect that. Soccer is the perfect embodiment of European and third-world societies - just physically challenging enough to call it a sport...if the game ends in a tie, well, so be it...nothing really exceptional about it at all.
"At this point, Sen. Feinstein, what difference does it make?"
Using the words "Senate Democrats" and "accountability" in the same sentence just doesn't work, Mr. House Speaker. Senate Dems will pass this VA legislation on the day they pass a budget.
19) Obama has stopped the rising of the oceans (except for one recent "oops" in the Philippines).
18) Obama, the first-ever black president of the U.S, has singlehandedly improved black - white race relations and united all racial groups in harmony (except for a few well-intentioned but misinformed urban youths who continue to play their innocuous "knockout" game.
17) Obama has magically turned the richest, most productive country on the face of this planet into the world's largest debtor nation history has ever seen.
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