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What about the wife and child of a messenger that delivered documents to what was suspected to be a safe-house. No indictment, no eminent danger, just well he is acting like he might be a part of this group, and we believe this group is affiliated with terrorists, so, he has to die, and if the wife and child do also, they are just so much collateral damage. You are comfortable with that, no?
Just Al Queda? I don't think so. For this administration, it is anyone, anywhere, anytime. Why would anyone have a problem with that?
Yea, trust us, why would you have any reservation about that?
Drone user discussed here is not in a combat context, we are talking about folks here just targeting an individual based on suspicion, accusation, or profiling of activity. We are also talking about targeting people anywhere in the world. Lastly, this administration wanted to include American citizens in the target group until a few people made that problematic in the news. So apparently, this administration believes they can kill anyone, anywhere, at anytime, if they label them as a threat. Hum, now I'm feeling uncomfortable even discussing the matter.
Are you not referring to laws of war? Are we at war with Yemen, and Pakistan? Also there is some room to argue about what actually is torture. Of course some things are without question, but making some one stand up for a long time, or not letting them sleep, or bringing a dog near them when they have a religious objection to that, are these really torture?
Liberal's concern with Waterboarding is that we might actually get good intel on those that wish to bring the Caliphate to Nebraska.
Would you have an issue if we used Drones to take out know terrorists sympathizers in Mosques in Canada, or Michigan?
Waterboarding causes temporary discomfort and leaves no permanent damage, drone strikes of course kill targets that we sometimes know something about, or suspect are dangerous people and anyone who happens to be too close to them at the time of death. Of course Liberals think waterboarding is wrong and drone strikes are a beautiful thing.
The numbers you see above I believe are from our verifications, not the numbers reported by Taliban or other outsiders. We can see the "targets" and the others surrounding them, we assess the strike in the aftermath and can tell rather accurately how many of the dead we know, and how many were not. I believe if they were not know they are considered innocents.
In many of these kills, they do not even know who they are killing, they just know they have had movements they believe to be consistent with what they believe a terrorist would. They bystanders they kill don't even have that against them.
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