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The really sad part for me is if I had to choose someone to have my back, it would be either Russia or China. Sorry, but the Americans just cant be trusted. Every election is just a new box of chocolate.
So ok, they agree. What now? Not just flailing and venting your anger, what exactly are you going to do and how will that help?
Good Progressives should keep in mind that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The next Republican president (if there ever is another) should have a strong grasp of all the tactics used by this regime and be able to bring forward chapter and verse when the Media loose their minds over the usurpations. They must at least be able to say "riddle me this Batman, why did you praise him for it yet you condemn me for the same?"
Just as with a national adversary, or even your children, if they test the limit and there is no consequence, then they will push it further. I understand that the Ministry of Propaganda will support Dear Leader, but until there is some serious push back with real consequences (read votes) then nothing will change except his boldness.
So then try to stop him, nobody who can has the guts.
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Politics and Minimum Wage

S_Watt Wrote: Jan 09, 2014 2:53 PM
The likely effect becomes pretty clear with a simple hamburger stand. I have 5 workers at $4 per hour. If you demand that I pay them $5, I will have 4 workers at $5. The only thing that changes is that the 4 will have to do the work of 5, and one guy loses his job. I will still sell for the same price and still take the same profits. Of course it is oversimplified, but that is how it works, or as pointed out, I automate because that is cheaper that the new artificial wage structure. The question of how this helps skilled union workers is that they usually they perform at a higher level of productivity per person using machines and other techniques. If wages are low enough multiple men can be used in their place at a lower cost per unit of production. Keeping unskilled labor expensive keeps employers from using this option and benefits skilled union worker at the expense of unskilled low wage labor.
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Do Gun Control Laws Control Guns?

S_Watt Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 5:45 PM
OMG, great argument. I guess I have no choice but to disregard what Dr. Sowell has stated. Thanks, he almost had me there!
I know that, and you know that, but the casual observer, who gave this last election to Obama only hears the rhetoric. This is a fight we can have and win on the Leftist’s own ground. It would be a very akward argument for Leftists to make that the Big Boys should get a break. It not only gives you a win, it will begin to rebrand – no you are not just shills for *Big Business*, and it will stick it to the opposition (Buffet, Google, etc…). It may even pull in some revenue, but that is beside the point.
What are they then? Why can't they sustain their own life? How is it they have a claim on my ability?
Shocking, how do you mean shocking?
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