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Bloomberg Strikes Again: No Painkillers for You

s230 Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 12:43 PM
Can't we just make the parents aware of this when they are prescribed and ask them to hide them in a secret place so their kids don't find them? Or, can we give a limited and reasonable number for them to have until they can get their primary care physician's office to prescribe more? I know the poor don't always have access to primary care, but making them unavailable is ludicrous. Also, could we spend enough time with the patient's medical history and evaluate the "need". The last time I was in the ER, the nurses pretty much knew on sight if someone was back for "more". They made one guy wait while they "checked his files" and he left quickly.
Dave M Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 1:27 PM
This just in- Medications are not manufactured so the people who need them can lock them up in safes. They are manufactured for the USE of the people that need them. Some medications get abused. Who would have thought!!!What needs to be locked up are NOT the medications- but a mayor that thinks people should not be prescribed medications appropriate for their condition.

America's Caringest Mayor is at it again: having saved New York from sugary drinks, Michael Bloomberg has turned his attention to painkiller addiction. The best option to prevent kids from abusing Mom's leftover Valium from her back surgery is, of course, curbing the supply of such drugs, so that's just what Bloomberg intends to do. As such, he's introduced a measure that would limit the supply of powerful pain drugs in emergency rooms -- despite the fact that lower-income families often use the ER as their primary care source. No matter: this is for the common good of New...