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I am tired of this atheist garbage. These militant atheists are every bit as bad as the Westboro Baptist people. And we should call them out as such. Stop running scared. Stand up and talk back to their garbage. Pull your kids out of schools like that. Each year, a memorandum should be sent to all schools in America stating very clearly the religious liberty and free speech rights of the students. Also, the people behind these atheist groups who fund all these lawsuits should be investigated and exposed. Find out every little thing about them and broadcast it everywhere. Investigate their finances and their personal lives to find out just who and what they really are. And go very public with it.
Hey, flood, deep down inside those intolerant atheists is anger. I promise you they ARE offended. Otherwise they would not pay attention to this stuff. They are small minded people who have nothing better to do with their lives than go around the country looking for Christian symbols to be offended by. They are every bit as bad as the Westboro Baptist people and should be recognized as such. What worthwhile thing are they accomplishing? Nothing.
That's just it... they ARE sick.
A memorandum needs to be sent out to every school in the country stating the religious liberty and free speech rights of the students and warning that if the rights are violated, the schools will be FINED.
People who are die-hard atheists do seem to have some inner issues having nothing to do with religion. I have known some personally and found them to be unpleasant human beings.
Last sentence should have said, "... then they have to permit the crosses as well."
Not so sure about that. It depends on if players put stickers on their helmets for other purposes, such as for every touchdown they make. If so, that is highly personal to the player. If it is permitted, then other personal things should be permitted as well as long as they are not pornographic or something objectionable like that. But if it is just a symbol of their faith, there should be no problem. So if the school permits stickers on helmets for other purposes, then they to permit the crosses as well.
America's progressives are an arrogant bunch of brainless people. "Thinking themselves to be wise, they became fools."
Your comment shows the vast ignorance of liberals regarding what conservatives actually think.
I shop at Kroger all the time. There are never charities blocking the door. However, how nice that they let charities come in to raise funds. You sound like a grumpy old something. What does big government have to do with a big grocery chain? That makes no sense.
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