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Exxon CEO to 'Fracking' Haters: "Prove It." Oh Wait, You Can't.

S. Davis Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 2:51 AM
Agreed. I own a property where the water table lies under 2 coal seams. The water is super sweet and clean as it filters through all that coal, but it also picks up methane gas. I was amazed when a neighbor showing me around went to a tap in his yard, turned it on and lit it up! fire and water at the same time! Cool!. But the point is, methane in ground water is not that unusual. It is separated in a holding tank before using in the house, in case you wondered.

Last Friday, I bemoaned President Obama's latest executive order assigning a "task force" to oversee the domestic development of natural gas. It's a crafty little piece of strategery designed to make it appear as if his administration is encouraging the possibilities of natural gas, but also throwing a bone to the environmentalist lobby by promising to strictly regulate the "fracking" technique they insist causes all manner of public-health and environmental ills. And, in typical Obama-fashion, it won't actually accomplish anything except to retard the growth of a promising industry and prevent the creation of real, private-sector, productive jobs and...