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Breastfeed or Else

S. A. Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 8:57 AM
Freedom of choice is dying a slow death in this country. Isn't freedom what our forefathers fought so bravely for?? I should have the FREEDOM to choose for myself and my child what is best. Mr. Bloomberg is a blooming idiot, one that borders on socialism. My Mother couldn't nurse me, and I have a 130 IQ, so where does that fit into the "studies"?? I raised 2 boys, both on formula, neither one of them ended up stunted or mentally below average. Children have been successfully raised to adulthood by their families for millenia, most without adverse effects. Many in the past century on baby formula without dire consequences. Mr. Bloomberg--time to tend to your own knitting and quit squelching our freedom!!!
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg cares a whole, whole lot about what you drink. First he acted to take away your 32-ounce Big Gulp. But be aware you don't have complete latitude among non-sugary beverages. He also wants to take away your baby formula.

The old axiom says conservatives want to keep the government out of your wallet and liberals want to keep it out of your bedroom. On the latter point, Bloomberg begs to differ.

As long as you're having sex, he'll respect your privacy. If that sex produces a baby, it's a different story.

Bloomberg enthusiastically favors breastfeeding infants. But he is...