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White House Calls for a Posse

S.17 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 10:52 AM
My representative to Congress will now be a bi-sexual, communist and avowed atheist (kyrsten sinema - look her up) in a STAUNCHLY Republican district for one reason and one reason only. 10,000 Libertarians stood on principle. Would ANY of them have voted for the communist? Hardly. I'm no fan of anybody but a Tea Party Republican (and I'm no fan of them either once they've been in office a term), but a ditzy imbecile like sinema will be nothing but Nancy Pelosi's finger puppet. Why or why must I share a planet with do many fools?
Wumingren Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 1:43 PM
Those of third parties will be crowing about how they had enough power to affect the outcome of an election. That the outcome was an overall negative one escapes their understanding. The Libertarians in your district are patting themselves on the back, just as the Independence Party is patting itself on the back for effecting the Minnesota gubernatorial race. We now have the most obnoxious Democrat ever as governor: Mark Dayton, rich boy who feels guilty for being heir to his daddy's fortune, when we could have had Tom Emmer, one of the most liberty-minded conservatives ever.
According to Bonnie Barker, Posse Comitatus was a rider to an appropriations bill, Chapter 263, Section 15, and approved June 18, 1878, seeking to ensure certain order during the Reconstruction period after the Civil War. The two-part goal was to make sure universal manhood suffrage was permitted, and no former Confederate officers voted.

In addition, it was to make sure the use of any part of the Army to execute laws in civilian settings was regulated, and at the same time flexible enough to protect against criminals and Indian attacks. Because much of this enforcement happened outside American territories, waiting for...
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