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I'm in Arizona and when McCain runs unopposed in the primary I write in Mickey Mouse.
All well and good, but what could a Tea Party conservative possibly promise to "blacks" to persuade them to vote for him that they couldn't intuit for themselves without any promise whatsoever by virtue of his Tea Party candidacy? The entire premise of your article is that "blacks" are monolithic, stereotypical and incapable of voting without somebody telling them whom to vote for.
Doubtless the rule that you couldn't touch the decapitated and putrefying head with your hands arose in antiquity as a cautionary public health measure.
Black immigrants are self-selecting, often originally coming to the US for college or graduate school, often majoring in more technical ?elds such as engineering, natural sciences, economics, and health sciences compared to the less technical ?elds that African Americans prefer such as social sciences, humanities, and education. They're the go-getters with ambition and smarts, they're the cream of the crop - a very select group. If there are a billion Africans, a million black immigrants only comprise .1% of the total. Truth be told, blacks who emigrate from Africa are likely to be at the high end of the IQ distribution curve for African blacks, which puts them well above the IQ of the average African American. It's no wonder then, that on average, black immigrants are much more likely than native blacks to be employed, married, highly educated and not incarcerated (which is what I assume you mean when you say they "do far better"). P.S. What made my previous statement "racist"?
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A Lesson on Racial Discrimination

S.17 Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 12:58 PM
Professor Williams says Sterling talks racist, but so what - does he act in ways "commonly attributed to racists"? I'm white. I married a blonde, blue-eyed white girl. I am indisputably, unapologetically racist to the core in my spousal preferences. Have I acted in ways "commonly attributed to racists"? Am I due societal opprobrium? Or isn't "so what" still the right answer?
Clinton's a multi-multi-millionaire. What's $8,000 worth of watches to him?
"He compared blacks to Asians, discussing Asians' higher levels of academic achievement throughout the country." And what's his point? Asians, on average, have IQs that outstrip the average IQs of African Americans by 15 or 16 points at least, an entire standard deviation. OF COURSE the academic achievement of Asians is going to surpass that of blacks throughout the country, on average. That's something blacks can't do a thing about - NOT ONE THING. He could just as well have told Asians they need to dunk like blacks can throughout the country. Not going to happen. Facts of life. Live with it.
A tingle up your leg is it?
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Is There a Climate Bubble?

S.17 Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 2:02 PM
We know as surely as the sun coming up tomorrow that we have an ice age in our future. We don't know why, but we know it's coming. In fact, based on the historical record, it's overdue. If by some incredible stretch of the imagination, human activity is causing a slight warming of the planet, then hallelujah! Maybe during the next ice age, Kansas will only be covered by a half a kilometer of ice instead of a whole kilometer. Praise be.
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LA Mayor Exemplifies America's Decline

S.17 Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 12:40 PM
"One is tempted to dismiss Eric Garcetti as either a fool or a bad guy. Based on what he did, and his continuing defense of it, he may well be the former. But he is not the latter. Above all, he is a man of the left, a Democrat, and a product of a secularized culture." He is not the latter? He is not a bad guy? A man of the left? A Democrat? A product of secularized culture? You lost me there, Dennis.
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Why Americans Dislike Soccer

S.17 Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 7:07 PM
Lass: Give it a rest.
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