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Pre-K Won't Help Kids

ryoung292 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 9:41 AM
Pre-K will help all Loyal Subjects of the current Regime become Loyal Subject of the Regime. Resistance is futile You will be assimilated!
President Obama ended his State of the Union speech on a warm and fuzzy note by calling for pre-K programs for almost all children. The best thing he could do for pre-kindergarten children is to make sure he doesn't hang trillions of dollars of debt around their necks, but that isn't the route he is taking.

Instead, Obama wants to provide government daycare for all preschoolers who live in households where the income is below approximately $47,100. He doesn't call it daycare or babysitting (which is a more accurate term); he calls it early childhood education.

Early childhood education means programs for...