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Forget the Guarantee

ryoung292 Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 1:55 PM
In order to solve the current banking problems the Regime in Washington should immediately create a new Federal Bank and close all other banks in the country and immediately transfer all funds from the closed bank into the new Federal Bank!

I have been continually reading that the customers should have known better than to keep their money in the “corrupt-Russian-dominated-Cyprus-banks.” 

In fact, the most recent posted message from a good ole USA boy declared, “Anybody who’s keeping their money with those thieves deserves to get r---d.” 

I then read the recent headline of the day from The New York Times which I always use as my compass of reason (even if I’m not an MIT Ph.D. recipient): “J.P. Morgan Chase Faces Full-Court Press of Federal Investigations.” 

The Times reiterated the current travails of our nation’s largest bank,...