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Expel Brice Horton

Rylan76 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 5:00 AM
Wow, seriously. It's a reductio ad absurdum. Adams tells a story that uses Brice's and the tyrannical left's own version of tolerance to demonstrate that Brice is intolerant. I'll repost the last three sentences to demonstrate that it's reductio. Which, apparently you've never encountered before. "He might throw another hissy fit, which would lead others to say that gay activists are nothing more than emotionally inferior lunatics. Such speech would promote stereotypes. And that’s the kind of speech that goes against our collective values. Wherever you stand on this issue, it is clear that we need to exclude non-conformists who do not share our collective values. How else are we going to promote diversity and inclusion?"

Note: This column contains language that may be unsuitable for some readers, especially thin-skinned homosexual activists and hypocritical bigots.

The faux outrage over Chick-fil-a's stance on gay marriage has moved to my little campus of UNCW, which stands for the University of North Carolina – We Teach Students to be B*tchy Little Bigots. And no student has elevated bitchiness to a Zen art quite like Brice Horton. He recently decided to take action to get Chick-fil-a removed from the university food court because he has to have all of his meals prepared by people who approve of homosexual sodomy....

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