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France Sends Troops to Mali

RyanM Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 2:24 PM
tgentile, Stop yelling at the monitor. I hate Obama as much as I do Bush. The problem with you people is that you only see things as one or the other. This is a false dichotomy. Other than that, fvck you.

Central African Republic: Update. Warring parties in the Central African Republic agreed Friday to call a ceasefire and form a government of national unity under President Francois Bozize, with general elections planned in a year.

A coalition of three rebel groups known as Seleka, or the 'alliance' in the Sango language, took up arms in the lawless north of the mineral-rich but impoverished country on 10 December and swept south, stopping within striking distance of the capital, Bangui.

Comment: Apparently the prospect that the internal fight was becoming internationalized...