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Don't Let the "Congressional Impatience Caucus" Push us to War in Iran

RyanM Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 1:23 PM
"Rest assured, Israel can and will deal with any threats on its own." Good, deal with them. You idiots are the ones who decided you just had to have your nations right in the middle of all those Arabs. But hey, as g_d's little pets he'll take care of you so this is all the more reason for America to say to hell with you. "Poll: Majority of Israeli Jews Would Support Apartheid Regime in Israel" Jewish supremacism exposed, yet over here Jews are among first ones to holler "racism".

The manner in which talk of going to war with Iran is being bandied about this election cycle, might lead an observer to conclude such an act would have consequences no more serious than a family squabble over the Holiday dinner table. As Pat Buchanan noted in his column here at yesterday, some war advocates, such as David Rothkopf, suggest that a so-called “surgical strike” against Iranian nuclear facilities and its consequences, would last no longer than “a day or two at most” and would be without any “civilian casualties.”

It is this sort of naïve – bordering on childish...