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Behind the Crack-up of the Right

RyanM Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 4:50 PM
Herman, In case you didn't see this below: "I've heard to story many time before but there never seems to be any definitive about it. Herman, Here you go and from an establishment source at that. This made the front page of a New Jersey newspaper seen here. I believe the paper is the Bergen Record.

In introducing his new book, "Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America," Paul Gottfried identifies a fundamental divide between neoconservatives and the traditional right. The divide is over the question: What is this nation, America?

Straussians, writes Gottfried, "wish to present the construction of government as an open-ended rationalist process. All children of the Enlightenment, once properly instructed, should be able to carry out this ... task."

For traditional conservatives, before the nation is born, "ethnic and cultural preconditions" must exist. All "successful constitutional orders," he writes, "are the expressions of already formed nations and cultures."