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The Republican Obsession

Ryan_M Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 6:03 PM
As far as I'm the Iranians have been punished in the past during the Tanker War of the late 1980s. A number of their ships were suck along with some of their offshore oil platforms destroyed. For the more bloody minded there is that Airbus 300 that was shot down accidentally by the USS Vincennes.

If last week's hearing for Chuck Hagel raised questions about his capacity to be secretary of defense, the show trial conducted by his inquisitors on the tribunal raised questions about the GOP.

Is the Republican Party, as currently constituted, even capable of conducting a foreign policy befitting a world power? Or has it learned nothing and forgotten nothing since George W. Bush went home and the nation rejected John McCain for Barack Obama?

Consider the great foreign issues on the front burner today.

Will the Japan-China clash over islets in the South China Sea, now involving warplanes and warships...