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Dictator Hugo Chavez Dead

Ryan_M Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 5:12 PM
"Chavez's death will come as a blow to Iran, whose close ties to the Latin American country allow the harboring of Hezbollah terrorists closer to the United States." What BS from Pavlich. (A)IPAC poses more of a threat to the US than Hezbollah with their never ending efforts to start a war with Iran. For all his flaws I'll give Hugo credit for this, the enemies he had. He really knew how to get under the skins of the globalists and their schemes like the sovereignty destroying FTAA. He did a fine job derailing this POS "free trade agreement". It was amusing to see him p*ss off the Israel Lobby and the neocons as well.

NBC News is reporting Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez is dead after months of battling cancer and other health complications. AP has the details:

President Hugo Chavez, the fiery populist who declared a socialist revolution in Venezuela, crusaded against U.S. influence and championed a leftist revival across Latin America, died Tuesday at age 58 after a nearly two-year bout with cancer.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro, surrounded by other government officials, announced the death in a national television broadcast. He said Chavez died at 4:25 p.m. local time.

Venezuela is one of the...

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