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Rand Paul: Why I Did What I Did

Ryan_M Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 6:27 AM
What are you babbling about now, TP? No one has even mentioned abortion until you brought it up. This issue is about the BoRs, not abortion. You're as bad as uberdave with his ridiculous comment to me. Anyone who uses expressions like "Demon Rat:" isn't to be taken seriously and is a crackpot. What I wrote back to Dave about low IQ talk radio applies to you as well.

Too many pundits in the national news media glibly stated over and over again that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul stood on the floor of the United States Senate -- for nearly thirteen straight hours last Wednesday -- to “filibuster” President Obama’s nominee for CIA Director. And sure, while this is technically true, in my view this sort of political analysis completely misses the mark. Writing in the Washington Times on Friday, the senator explained in his own words why he rose to speak that day -- namely, to defend the principles enshrined in the United States Constitution:

On Wednesday,...