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Iran and Syria Promise Retaliation Against Israel

Ryan_M Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 3:12 PM
They would have good grounds to do this and not because of this Israeli airstrike on a Syrian research facility, but for Israel using the terrorists of MeK to assassinate Iranian scientists and setting off bombs in Iran itself. Those are acts of war. One day Israel is going to pull this BS on the wrong people and get itself nuked but good.

Syria: Reaction to the Israeli air attack. Syria's ambassador to Lebanon said that Syria had "the option and the capacity to surprise in retaliation," for the Israeli air attack on 30 January. Syria also sent a letter to the UN asserting its right of self-defense.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister warned that the attack would have "grave consequences for Tel Aviv."

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the strike "blatantly violates the United Nations Charter...

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