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Gerard Depardieu Meets John Galt

rworthington Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 1:53 PM
the biggest thing to think of is: when, because of really bad taxation, the wealthy pack up and leave the country, they usually take their comapnies, jobs, and money with them. at the present time, the top 20% pay over 70% of all taxes. pretty stupid to create this kind of deal, huh???

Another Frenchman has “gone Galt.”

First, it was France’s richest entrepreneur.

Now, it’s the nation’s most famous actor. Gerard Depardieu has officially announced – in a letter to France’s thuggish Prime Minister – that he is tired of paying 85 percent of his income to finance the vote-buying actions of France’s kleptocratic political elite.

Instead, he is going to move to Belgium (which is hardly a tax haven, but there’s an old line about how you should surround yourself...