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Spending Cuts May Be Answer to Slow Economic Growth

RWoodworth Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 10:58 AM
The media said that 55,000 workers were laid off in February, and the the nations growth rose 0.1%. Wow Obastard................... did you sell your Buick and put your mooching family to work? How about disolving the Department of Energy & Education. They are of no need.............. so keep being a fraud. We are adding it to the the longest list of fraud in history. There is no person in prison that can match you fraud level............... minimum of at least $860,000 billion. Your family cost me 1 billion a year just to cover your vacations.

The Dow set a new high on Tuesday, but the larger economy is a different story. What if today's sluggish economic growth turns out to be the new normal? That's the unsettling question asked by some of our most creative economic thinkers.

And the people asking it are not necessarily partisan opponents of the Obama administration. They argue that economic growth rates were disappointing even before the financial collapse and recession of 2007-09.

Take Tyler Cowen, author of the e-book (belatedly published in print) "The Great Stagnation." Economic growth is the product of increases in the labor supply and productivity,...