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Michigan Poised to Become Right to Work State; Protesters Shout 'Heil Hitler' in Response

rwingflyer Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 1:55 PM
I'm not surprised that a union member would shout 'Heil, Hitler.' After all, Hitler was a socialist, too -- just differing methods of enforcing it ............. socialism, communism, Naziism, environmentalism are just different isms that want to limit your liberties. All slightly different peas, but occupying the same pod.

Michigan is one step closer to becoming a Right to Work state. Last night, both the state House and Senate passed bills that would forbid the public sector unions from taking 2% out of workers’ paychecks for dues payments, regardless of whether or not they’re members. The bills can’t be passed into law until Tuesday, owing to procedural requirements, but they’re almost sure to prevail, at which point Gov. Rick Snyder has vowed to sign them.

The House and Senate each passed bills on the same day they were introduced that give private and public sector workers...