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Only 11%? Should be 100%. This is what happens when you invite out-of-staters to live here. Please stop it, Governor Perry As for the other 17%, they should not be allowed to vote..
More palatable to the public? They should be public. Nothing like seeing it in person to make someone think twice.
It just shows once again that degrees and acronyms following people's names are not indictors of actual intelligence.
Unfortunately for Ms. Lu, Mr. Pfitzer, and Ms. Kaplan, Jesus will have the final say as to whom is allowed to be anywhere. "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in Heaven." Matthew 10:33
Obummer does this with every nomination -- like the frog in boiling water -- each nominee is worse than the previous. Scumbag Harry Reid has invoked the option in the Senate that prevents the blocking of nominees. Unless some democrat senators grow a pair, this racist thug will get the job. Then we can look forward to a further assault on whites and Christians in the near future. Elections have consequences -- unfortunately, we who didn't vote for the Kenyan lyin' king also pay for the moronic decisions.
Mr. Pena is correct. Hispanics are mostly democrat in the Valley, because the democrats have given them an economics message they like. On the other hand, Hispanics in general have strong family values, and killing their babies is not a part of that value system. This is a chance for the republicans to show the Valley Hispanics that they can better help them seize opportunities for economic advancement -- don't blow it repubs.
I just snorted coffee out my nose. You're funny, whoever you are.
Kind of like being Al Qaida #2. Most dangerous job in the world.
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Inequality and the Knock Out Game

rwingflyer Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 7:29 AM
Obama has presided over the increase in the income gap with his policies to "fundamentally transform America." It's the Limbaugh theorem at work: create a disaster, while appearing to be a bystander and then campaign against it.
Well, that took me by total surprise.
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