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Facebook is so passe`. Once a person matures, Facebook is not necessary for life's fulfillment any more. Haven't been on Facebook since January 2012. Haven't missed it, and don't have any more or fewer friends. In fact, I have no clue who most of the ones who friended me are, hadn't seen them or socialized with them before they friended me, and haven't seen nor heard from them since I disappeared from Facebook. I seriously doubt that 99% of them even noticed my absence. Ms. Jones would do well to matuire, and avoid Facebook, as would the news organizations that require a Facebook membership to opine on their sites.
What amazes me the most is that 32-41% of the voters would still vote for her. Has to be the double-digit IQ, East Texas crowd.
According to US vital statistices, since January 1, 2013, 291,100 have died from medical misadventures, and 16,200 have died from firearms. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusion.
Hey, Chuck! Wake up! He has accomplished everything he has set out to do to us? In that respect, he's one of the most successful regime leaders in history. Are you implying he's incompetent? Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. This clown has made the wrong decisions and take the wrong actions 100% of the time. That takes planning and effort. Back in 2008 he told us what he was going to do to us, and the dupes, the morons, and the habitually entitled voted for it anyway. And I hope that every blue county in the US has at least 1000 illegal aliens arrive at their local bus station soon.
If she can get to Mexico, and cross into Texas, she'll be home free.
Poor Harry. There is really something wrong with this guy. He needs our help and compassion. His stupid comments are just that -- stupid. Someone get him some help, before he forgets where he lives or something.
Leftist extremists obviously fear Scott Walker. They'll take him down with the help of the compliant Obama butt boys in the media, and then they'll move on to the next.
The new lieutenants' big day. They graduated from something that few qualify to attempt, and fewer ever complete. Instead of hearing a positive, encouraging, patriotic speech, with a little advice thrown in, they have to endure some clown whining about the criticism of his foreign policy failures. Then they hear that they're not going to do what they were trained to do, but instead be used to perpetuate the global warming hoax. After six years, he still can't give speech that isn't about him. Sadly, those new lieutenants actually will see plenty of action, because this narcissist has been called weak, and you can bet he will do something to try to prove otherwise.
Nothing this regime does is by accident. Remember his promise to transform this country. Word is that the station chief knows to much about Benghazi. He just received a shot across the bow, with the hope the Taliban will do the dirty work.
We can write hundreds of comments about why Hillary is unqualified to be prez, and the many reasons she should never again be allowed near the White House, but we must remember that half the country consists of habitually entitled couch sitters who only need a mere suggestion of the potential material benefits to be gained by voting for the shrew. After all, these same moronic drones re-elected the current disaster to an encore performance, and they think they did good.
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Salon Writer: We Need a Gay Spider-Man

rwingflyer Wrote: May 01, 2014 11:35 PM
I already thought that about Spiderman. I figured the girl freind was just a cover.
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