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Apparently, your neighbor's aunt has discovered the lucrative business of internet outcall. She must look pretty ragged, though, to only get $87 and hour for her services. Of course, $12,970 will buy a lot of lipo and cosmetic surgery. After she heals, she could have that up to $200 in no time.
Yeah, you idiots keep graduating idiots. That pretty much assures that they'll never be in the 1% ............. just more morons voting for Marxists and free phones.
Well, duh!! An armed citizenry is necessary because (1) we can't depend on our own government to defend us against our enemies (which don't seem to be the same as the regime's enemies), and (2) we need to defend ourselves against domestic enemies as well. If the chief had read our constitution, and the Federalist Papers, he would understand the concept.
That was just one grandma. Wait 'til you see how many grandma's Obummer's Obummercare death panels kill.
I think the a-hole is actually trying to incite violence.
I agree. If I look up sex offenders in my neighborhood, there's always a photo that looks just like him.
No, Barry, we're not fed up with all of Washington -- just your regime, democrats, and RINOs.
No, but they count leg-tingling leftists as 3/5 of a brain.
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Ten Biggest Lies of the Showdown

rwingflyer Wrote: Oct 18, 2013 12:19 PM
Most are even angrier at BHO, Reid, RINOs, etc. Obummer may have won this round, but the American people lost. Now that conservatives have put the problem to the forefront, and the usual players ignored them and doubled down, it will be easier to attract more citizens to get on board and defeat them, once they see their sacred money troughs dry up and collapse.
Ok, I give up. How do you detect a person's choice without asking them? Is that what they're going to do? Ask? I don't know of any mind-reading machine, yet. Since it is a choice, they're not going to detect a DNA flaw, or something. And why would anyone, especially of that persuasion, want to travel to one of those cess pools, anyway?
Other than making murder even easier, there's nothing she can run on. Things are going great in Texas, and there's nothing she or her party can add to make it any better. She and her party represent porch-sitting, abortion, and redistribution of wealth. Her party also attempts to force diversity, which only causes confrontations and discord between citizens who normally get along and work together every day. Those aren't issues that most working Texans want to hear. Her senate district is mostly an entitlement enclave in Fort Worth. If the lines of her district were moved a little west and south, she wouldn't be a Texas state senator.
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