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Interesting how you bash Christians and then use scripture, out of context, to beat them into your submission.
What do you expect? We have a marxist president that believes in socialism. Socialism: state ownership of the means of production, mines, farms, factories and the people who work them. this is state sponsered slavery. If you liked slavery, you are going to love socialism.
Barak Obama Trophy wife of the DNC
When will Obama sign a budget?
Has anyone considered applying US v Park to Fast and Furious? The CEO held responsiable for the actions on his/her watch. This should apply to Obama. He should be impeached
Answer me this, what should the ultimate purpose of government be? Should the Government be the ultimate slave owner as in Obama's administration? NO. the purpose of government is to become obsolete, try reading the Constitution and the ammendments. Get Government off our backs and out of our pockets and WE THE PEOPLE can turn this economy around. the governmant sould not be in the business of picking the winners, let the market do it.
More redistribution of wealth or buying votes, I can't figure out which, or is it both. I here claims that CEO's and corperations are greedy and do not care for the working person. We have a president who is the worst of the lot, beliving that he can do as he pleases, hoard power, disregard the our founding documents, spread his hate speech about those who disagree with him ........ I could go on. I was not born in to a socialistic society, what makes Obama think he has the right to deconstruct the United States and rebuild it in his own image. our Founding Fathers did not fight tyranny just to have this person set him self up as king and crush us under his boot heel. Answer me this, what should the ultimate purpose of government be?
Hi, I am tired of hearing about the unemployment rate. these numbers have been cook and burned to the point that they are meaningless. When will we see a historical chart of the "employment" rate. you know, the true number of persons employed and paying taxes that fund obama's spending spree. All together now, obama, trophy wife of the DNC
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