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"Turns MORE dishonest and untruthful!" It's hard to imagine getting further into the negative dimension, but he has dove lower than could have been imagined . However, we "Ain't seen nothing yet!"".
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Only in America

rwilliams694 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 2:52 PM
Looks like Obozo finally connected on making the water rise!!?
Star: Please help Black Americans throw off the yoke of slavery by recognizing that the demorat plantation keeps Black Americans in check by openly advocating abortion as the birth control of choice. Over 400,000 aborted babies/year from this one loathsome organization - so called Planned Parenthood. Please tell all how this Eugenics based organization harvested over 37% of its annual take from Black mothers. How is it possible that Black Americans comprise about 12% of our population, yet surrender their babies at a rate of 37% of PP's annual gory harvest, and along the way toss in an odd mother or thirty. Is homosexual marriage to be fought, absolutely. Racial genocide practiced by democraps & led by the obamination must be stopped.
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