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America’s Underground Economy

rwilliams694 Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 2:49 PM
Already here in Kalifornia. If you want to see underground, just wait and see what happens when Pot is legalized. Why would anyone pay the exorbitant taxes when you corner junkie for the last 50 years has your weed ready, available and without taxes. In fact as the price of doobies goes up in the gummint controlled market, the street version will just move on up in price to take advantage of the extra revenue the State/Fed mistakenly thinks they will get. Further, the street dealers are now only faced with a monetary tax evasion offense and not drug trafficking. In New York, 60+% of cigarettes are bootlegged in to avoid paying the taxes for the "children". Kalifornia underground economy: - Lawn care - House cleaning - Painting -...

Laura Gonzalez, with Fordham University, talked with John about the growing size of the underground economy in this over-regulated world of Obamanomics. It also turns out that some top level investors have miraculously made money where no one else would have.

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