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Obama Creates Gun Control Task Force Headed by Joe Biden

rwilco Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 9:11 AM
That's great isn't it: the court jester, the chief clown now the gun czar. The real Joker--balding joey bitten. Well the good thing about bitten is that he is so stupid that he is not really a threat. His boss is at least smart enough to sometimes wipe without soiling his fingers--joey isn't. obongo and his orcs arne, and anita and feinstein and pelosi and chuckie: their fingers all stink. Don't shake hands with them.

Washington has a new gun czar and his name is Joe Biden. President Obama will announce the creation of a gun control task force headed by his vice president today. Yesterday the Washington Post reported Obama has asked his cabinet members for gun control ideas. The new task for will be responsible for coming up with new ways to control firearms and although the specifics aren't clear, you can bet semi-automatic weapons will be the target.

 President Barack Obama is launching an administration-wide effort to curb gun violence.

Obama is tasking Vice President...