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What reasonable restrictions are you referring to.
Scott, you are idiot, that is violate of free speech. Oh, unless you are communist or Nazi.
Why would anyone do business in Chicago city? Just close it and move out of city limit. I am very sure Chicago citizens won't mind to travel outside the city to purchase guns or any items. If I had a business there (non gun shop), I would close it and move out.
I am glad that Yee got indicted and he should ousted from the office along with Wright and Calderon.
Yep, it is true... we need to bring them out and expose them.
Kissing A**S with Obama... go figure
Me too, I will using other search engine.
ring ring... you are going to jail
Let see how you get yourself out of situation when you are attacked by several thugs without any weapon. I for one save my butt while carry my gun against three thugs, I did not have to pull out my hoster. I don't care what any gun ban group say, let them walk down the street alone.
If I don't get a permit to carry, then I have chose dot it illegal for my own protection
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