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Fusion Power on the Right

RW6 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 10:57 AM
I tend to agree. It's similar to the idea of "federalizing" abortion. This would mean that an unborn child is a life to be preserved in This state, but an irrelevent, subhuman mass of cells in That state. We tried that 160 years ago with slavery -- didn't end well.

"At CPAC, the Future Looks Libertarian," read a dispatch on Time magazine's website. "CPAC: Rand Paul's Big Moment," proclaimed The Week magazine. Meanwhile, the New York Times headlined its story about the annual conservative political action conference "GOP divisions fester at conservative retreat."

George Will, a man who actually knows a thing or two about conservatism, responded to the NYT's use of the word "fester" on ABC News' "This Week." "Festering: an infected wound, it's awful. I guarantee you, if there were a liberal conclave comparable to this, and there were vigorous debates going on there, the New York Times' headline...