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High Frequency Trading Distorts Commodity Prices

rvnvmc Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 12:11 PM
There seems not to be any direct connect, between the Amount of petroleum products available and the comparable Price, of said products. While the USA is currently awash in fuel , the prices have never been much higher ! There is, no longer, any need for a Futures, Commodity market, that doesn't reflect the basics of Supply and Demand !

As a person who traded his own money for years and years, since 1988 to be exact. I think I am qualified to know what a real market looks like and what a fake market looks like.

For years, the commodity markets were markets that could be very volatile, but at least they were somewhat predictable. That all went out the window in 2009 when the CME Group ($CME) actively pushed its off exchange customers to the screen. CME denies that they did this, but traders with ties outside the floors know different. CME marketing people actively...