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I had a black co-worker confide, to me, back in the late 1980's , that he knew of other blacks, who were armed to the teeth, to include fully Automatic Weapons , waiting for the Race War, to begin. I replied, that while I supposed, that our future may include a breakdown in the infrastructure, keeping the peace, that I expected, that it wouldn't be due to racial problems, but to economic issues. He then replied, that Then folks would devide up in their racial camps ?! Seems like the Race Baiters have convinced too many, of our black friends & co workers, that armed conflict is inevitable !
I'd like to see the updated photos. I wish the author had included them, as was indicated.
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Who are America's Not-So-Friendly Bankers?

rvnvmc Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 2:38 PM
Back in the 1940's, during WWII, America advertised, for folks to Buy War Bonds. Not that I think that we should prolong our conflicts, but, shouldn't our gov't. be actively promoting Bond sales, Domestically ? Instead of borrowing untold amounts, from Foreign Sovereign Nations ? Some of whom, we are building our defenses, against ?
There seems not to be any direct connect, between the Amount of petroleum products available and the comparable Price, of said products. While the USA is currently awash in fuel , the prices have never been much higher ! There is, no longer, any need for a Futures, Commodity market, that doesn't reflect the basics of Supply and Demand !
I am against Socialism. Having said that, what would people , like me, with work related injuries, who can no longer, perform any worthwhile function, to the extent, that I have been made 'unemployable' do, without, Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation ? Maybe YOU are fortunate enough to have a nice cushy office job, but I chose to serve an Apprenticeship & to become a Journeyman Building Tradesman . Hard work, but satisfying. Building something, from just a concept through to completion. Just WHAT, are folks, like me, supposed to do, when we get hurt too badly, to continue working at these jobs ?
When I was young, in the late 60's, the crowd that I hung with was a mixed bag, w/ one 19 yr old girl living w/ a 40+ yr old black man. We were so liberal, that we thought nothing about it. I was quite naive, to say the least. I enlisted in the Army, when I was just 17. There, I found out just what prejudice really was... Blacks HATED the whites !!! We were all equal, in the military. The only color was Green . I broke my leg & had a full leg hard cast on & I was attacked, on two seperate occaisions , by blacks, that I had never met before. Knocked on my butt, just because they could do it, as I was practically helpless. I never could understand such hatred ! I think they learn it at Church ! Black church ! Rev. Al Sharpton ? Ha !
Those, who would give up essential Liberty, for temporary security, deserve neither.~ Benjamin Franklin
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Arrest George Zimmerman

rvnvmc Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 1:40 PM
Contrary to what Sharpton & Jackson would have you to believe, (two men who made Millions by aggravating racial situations). There Is No problem, in America, of White on Black violence ! There IS a Bad problem of Black on White & Black on Black violence, that is mostly Unreported, by the media ! 95% of young black males deaths are caused by Other Black males ! There is virtually No White on Black violence, Period ! There is, though , a Vastly unreported number of Black on White crimes of Violence episodes ! Just one more example of how there is No Free Press , anymore, but a Politically Correct Press, that only uses excuses like Mr Zimmerman's obvious case of Self Defense , to Create a pseudo racial issue, out of it !
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Court Tells Obama: Eat Your Own Darn Peas

rvnvmc Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 1:07 PM
Not 'one judge', but the Majority of the Supreme Court ! This issue is Not about Healthcare, but about the Over Reach of the Federal Gov't. ! If they can Force you to Buy Insurance , even if you cant afford it, then What ALL will they be Forcing us to spend our ever dwindling pay checks (due to inflation) on Next ? I am all in favor of a single payer healthcare system, but that is Not what Obamacare is about. It's about Control ! I would like to see a healthcare system for Everybody, like the excellent VA Healthcare System, which is the Only Healthcare, that I have, other than Medicare, which I haven't had cause to use, yet.
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