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It is time to pull the troops and then carpet bomb this place.
Dan Rather is a proven lying @zz_clown. Anyone who would believe this man is just plain stupid...or a liberal...which is mostly the same thing.
...and it is becoming clearer every day why Bill does not sleep with the Hildabeast!
What does everyone expect from Obama? He is not President of the United States. He is President of the welfare queens, the freeloaders, the moochers and all of the other career parasites on America.
Bill Richardson must be Bidens twin brother.
I would never throw Obama's liver to my dog. I lkie my dog. Rather is just another leftist, lying, over-the-hill has been who needs to just go away.
Not freedom of religion, pal.
So, in the Air Farce it is permissable to be an openly gay man who proudly proclaims that he takes it in the hiney, but another man cannot have a bible on his desk? Where are they getting these morons who are now in charge of the Air Farce?
Michael: What you and the moron who came up with this die advocate is unconstitutional.
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PC and the NBA

RVN70USMC Wrote: May 03, 2013 11:49 AM
To the leftist poliically-correct wonks, single welfare mothers and pro athletes coming out are "heroes". To the right, not so much.
There is no legimate reason for murder.
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